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What is Lift Mix?

Lift Mix is a delicious and versatile beverage blend infused with amazing functional ingredients that will elevate both your body & your mind.

Lift Mix is 100%:

  • Mushroom fruiting bodies only
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Caffeine Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Zero artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • No added sugar or sweeteners
  • Vegan
  • Keto-Friendly
  • Paleo-Friendly
  • Whole30 compliant

What does mushroom powder taste like?

Mushroom powders by themselves taste about as good as you would expect: NOT. VERY. GOOD.

That's why you need our blend of organic spices stuff to dress it up and make it tasty.

No way I'm trying this before I see the Nutrition Facts!

Wind Up - Nutrition Facts

So what's that bit of sediment leftover at the bottom of my cup?

No need to worry, that's just a bit of the Lift Mix spices that have settled to the bottom as you drink. This isn't uncommon with functional blends.

And... we should point out, the amount of sediment is less than most other brands we have tried.

People have been known to take 1 of 4 actions in response:

1. Swirl It!   Swirl the cup in your hand from time to time in an attempt to keep it mixed up as you drink. Even the finest swirlers will probably still have a little bit of sediment so they may have to take one of the following additional steps.

2. Swig It!    Just let the Lift Mix do its thing and settle. Then, throw all caution to the wind and drink the sediment down in one glorious gulp. Such bravado is not always proportionally rewarded, however, because that will probably be a very gritty last swallow. Some of you will take this as a challenge.

3. Revive It!   Let it settle, then when you get to the bottom of your cup simply add a bit more hot or cold liquid to the sediment, stir and revel in the fact that every last bit of Lift Mix will have fulfilled its destiny.

4. Bury It!   Yes, there are times that Lift Mix will just need to return to the earth from whence it came. Drain, trash, or compost.

Can I drink Lift Mix if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Although all the ingredients in Lift Mix are associated with health benefits, we recommend consulting with your physician before making any changes to your diet during pregnancy or nursing.

Is Lift Mix safe for children?

Although all the ingredients in Lift Mix are associated with health benefits, we recommend consulting with your pediatrician before making any changes to your child's diet.