Organic Mushroom Blend

Every serving of Lift Mix packs 2400mg of mushroom goodness, derived exclusively from 100% fruiting bodies — no starchy fillers included. Each of the mushrooms in our lineup contain adaptogens: bioactive compounds that help your body manage stress and maintain its balance. They assist in regulating various bodily functions, promoting resilience, and supporting overall well-being. Sign me up!

  • Chaga

    Immune system support. Powerful antioxidant properties.
    Inflammation reduction. Skin health.

    ( 600mg per serving )

  • Lion's Mane

    Concentration. Focus. Mental clarity. Neuron growth. Immune

    ( 600mg per serving )

  • Cordyceps

    Enhanced energy. Athletic performance. Immune support.

    ( 600mg per serving )

  • Reishi

    Stress relief. Immune support. Better sleep.
    Anti-inflammatory properties.

    ( 600mg per serving )

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Primer on Mushroom Parts

Below the surface, mushrooms have a root-like system known as mycelium, while the visible part (the cap, stem and gills) is called the fruiting body. While both mycelium and fruiting body can offer health benefits, commercial mushrooms are often cultivated on substrates like rice, oats, and sorghum, which is stuff the mycelium likes to eat. The problem? After a while you can’t separate the mycelium from the grain — it’s like trying to unmix a smoothie. Some mushroom powders consist of 90% to 100% of this starchy substrate (you'll see it listed on their label as “full spectrum”, “myceliated grain”, “mycelial biomass”, etc.). So, to ensure you’re getting just the pure mushroom, we ditch the messy mycelial undercarriage altogether and use only the fruiting bodies. That’s our (not so) secret sauce.

The rest of the good stuff

These 100% organic spices are where most of the 'yum' comes from. They're also really good for you and have important health benefits in their own right. But honestly — with the important exception of the carob (1000mg) — a single serving of Lift Mix contains such small quantities of each of these spices that we don't want to oversell the functional benefits derived from each one separately. Taken together though, they pack a healthy punch!

  • Carob

    Antioxidants. Fiber. Digestive health. 3x the calcium of cacao.

  • Ginger

    Anti-inflammatory. Digestive relief. Immune system support.

  • Cardamom

    Digestive aid. Anti-inflammatory. Respiratory health.

  • Ceylon Cinnamon

    Antioxidants. Anti-inflammatory. Much lower levels of coumarin vs. the more common Cassia Cinnamon

  • Cacao

    Antioxidants. Mood enhancement. Cardiovascular health

  • Chicory Root

    Digestive health. Antioxidants.

  • Cloves

    Anti-inflammatory. Antioxidants.

  • Himalayan Pink Salt

    Essential minerals & trace elements. Supports
    electrolyte balance.